Easy to Order, Use and Get Support Online

How it works. Simple.
Eargo Reps Are Ready to help you with your order
Easy To Try, Easy to Buy
Try an Eargo sample for fit, then order online or by phone. Either way, your order will be shipped out fast and free.
Eargo is easily inserted into ear
Easy To Use
Eargo is ready to use right out of the box. With a simple tap you can adjust the preset settings on your devices or we can customize them so they are just right for you.
Adjust Eargo settings by Tapping ear
Ongoing Support & Care
Our team of licensed hearing professionals and hearing helpers are here to help guide you through your first weeks with Eargo and are there for you when you need it.
Eargo Risk Free for 60 days
Satisfaction Guaranteed
We stand behind our product 100%. So, if you are not completely satisfied with your Eargos, simply return them for a refund.
Place your order.
Click here to buy Eargo online. Or you can call 1-800-61-EARGO to speak with one of our US-based Hearing Guides who will be happy to answer any questions you might have about Eargo. Questions about other things - why the sky is blue, the meaning of life, who shot JR - any answer we give to those types of questions would just be a shot in the dark. Particularly the JR thing. Hearing Guides can also take your order over the phone. You can pay all at once or in monthly installments from $176 per month. Whatever works for you. Plus we'll ship your Eargo devices for free.
In case you have an audiogram.
If you have an audiogram and would like to have your Eargo devices custom-programmed, our audiologists would be happy to make a custom-programmed pair for you. *
Pop them in and adjust sound settings.
Eargo devices have patented Flexi Fibers, which flex to fit the shape of almost any ear, so they will fit almost everyone. They come ready to use out of the box, after a quick charge. Just double tap your ear to toggle between the 4 pre-set sound profiles. We don't want you to have to wait around to start hearing the way you should.
You're not like anybody else. And neither is your hearing loss.
That's why we have a team of dedicated hearing helpers and licensed hearing professionals to support you when you need it. They're not just suave and debonair to a person, they also understand your unique needs and are ready to help guide you through every step of the process. Our relationship doesn't end with the delivery of your Eargo devices.
Your satisfaction is guaranteed.
Wear our product for 45 days. Talk, laugh, eat, shout, whatever you're in the mood for. Pack those 45 days up with excitement. If you are not completely satisfied with your Eargo devices, give us a call within the first 45 days and we'll issue a package to send them back. The Eargo devices that is, not your ears. You can keep your ears.