Testimonials From Real Eargo Users

Customers agree - Eargo is a life changer.
The first time I put the Eargo device in, I was sitting at a table, and I picked up a pamphlet about the device. I started thumbing through it, and I realized that I could hear the crisp sounds of the paper. I did not realize until that moment that I was missing out on some of the finer sounds of life. To me, it was a real pleasure.
John S., Mountain View, CA
I've been wearing Eargo for a short amount of time and it is barely perceptible for me. It is very comfortable. I was afraid that it wouldn't be. As soon as it went in, I could feel it but I got used to it really quickly, and I normally can't wear earrings for more than a few hours.
Stephanie G., Los Angeles, CA
The Eargos are fantastic. They're easy to use, they come out of the box already charged. Pop them in and I can change the settings with a tap of the ear that nobody notices. And then, when I need to charge them, I put them right in their charger and they are ready to go the next day.
Javier F., Los Angeles, CA
I felt like I have bionic hearing with Eargo. It was like the things I didn't know I was missing, I realized were missing. Like phone calls, I didn't have to concentrate as hard. Before, voices were kind of mumbled and I'd always have to say "excuse me" and I had to sit there and focus or turn the volume all the way up on my cellphone. Now, it's just a lot easier.
Scott R., Los Angeles, CA
With other hearing devices, I was always changing batteries and the hard thing is you don't know when the batteries are going to run out. You have to have batteries with you everywhere - in the car, in your purse, at home, always. With Eargo, you put them in the charger overnight, they're ready to go. They work all day long.
Nancy M. , Albuquerque, NM
The first time I went in to have my Eargos fitted, I was amazed how small they were. And when I got them in, it was amazing! I felt like I was a bionic man or like Superman. All of a sudden I started hearing all these sounds that I never even noticed before. It definitely improved my hearing a lot.
Larry P., Manhattan Beach, CA
Eargo has given me back my confidence in the workplace, especially when I'm in the courtroom. Because of hushed tones and the cues I take from the attorneys, I oftentimes can't hear first time around. But with Eargo, I'm absolutely good again.
Danny R., Pasadena, PA
The thing I love about the Eargo is that they're so small that no one knows I'm wearing them. I can still wear my jewelry, which is really important to me. I just feel free to really be myself and don't have to worry that someone will notice that I have a hearing device.
Sylva C., Los Angeles, CA
I love the sound quality of Eargo. As a musician, I happen to have perfect pitch, which means I hear what I'm listening to very accurately. As my hearing loss progressed, I would hear less and less of what I should be hearing. Eargos have returned that spectrum of sound to me.
Daniel A., Los Angeles, CA
I haven't told anyone that I've been wearing these and no one's noticed. They're practically invisible and they're so easy to put in and take out. I take them out at night, put them in their little charger, charge them up, and they're really good to go all day.
Max T. , Los Angeles, CA
I was diagnosed with hearing loss about a year and a half ago. I haven't tried other hearing aids because the BTE devices felt more awkward than I was prepared to deal with. Wearing Eargo is an amazing experience. They're also easy to put in, easy to take out. And the difference in how hard I needed to talk and how hard I needed to listen was amazing. I'm so thankful there is something like this available for people who have hearing loss and that have been too embarrassed, too vain, or too busy to deal with it. It's simple, fast, and easy. I love it!
Caryn W., Menlo Park, CA
When Eargo devices go inside my ear, they're practically invisible. They don't interfere with my glasses, when I take them on and off. The external hearing devices I've worn would seem to occasionally fall off, that does not happen with Eargo.
Val K., Huntington Beach, CA
I've been using Eargo for several months. The sound quality is excellent and they're easy to use. They're basically invisible. No one knows I'm wearing them. I've recommended them to many of my friends and I'm so glad I can hear sounds that I could not hear before!
Dr. Jerry W., Clarksville, TN
With Eargo, nobody knows that I'm wearing a hearing device. I can hear natural sounds. Nobody can see them. They are super comfortable. I can take them in and out! They just have everything that I'm looking for in hearing device over the years. They are life-changing.
Amy W., Scottsdale, AZ