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Eargo | A Revolutionary New Hearing Device

What is new with Eargo Plus?
Hearing devices with more clarity
Designed with a focus on higher frequency sounds so that you can hear people speaking more crisply and clearly.
Revolutionary in ear hearing devices with more convenience
Replaceable Flexi Fibers and wax guards to give you that new Eargo feeling over and over again.
The Eargo Difference*
Eargo is Invisible when placed in the ear
Eargo fits discreetly inside the ear canal so it's possible no one can see you're wearing a hearing device. Unless of course, they have X-ray vision.
Eargo Rests Comfortably in Ear Canal
Flexi Fibers hold Eargo in place and also allow it to float inside the ear. It's so comfortable, you just may forget you're wearing a hearing device.
Eargo Design Lets Natural Sound Pass Through
Flexi Fibers let some ambient low (bass) sounds pass through, so only the high (treble) sounds need to be amplified.
Eargo Hearing Device is Rechargeable
Eargo devices are rechargeable and arrive ready to use right out of the box.
  • "Not My Grandfather's Hearing Aids."

  • "Eargo is The Hearing Aid Of The Future."

  • "Eargo is nearly invisible when placed in the ear canal."

  • "A hearing aid doesn’t need to look like a big clunky ear piece to work."

  • "I tried them and I must say they work - and you don't see them in your ears! Thanks Eargo."

  • "The most comfortable hearing aid."

What Eargo users are saying:
Eargo User DannyR from CA
"Eargo has given me back my confidence in the workplace, especially when I'm in the courtroom. Because of hushed tones and the cues I take from the attorneys, I oftentimes can't hear first time around. But with Eargo, I'm absolutely good again."
Eargo User SylvaC from CA
"The thing I love about the Eargo is that they’re so small that no one knows I’m wearing them. I can still wear my jewelry, which is really important to me. I just feel free to really be myself and don’t have to worry that someone will notice that I have a hearing device."
Eargo User DanielA from CA
"I love the sound quality of Eargo. As a musician, I happen to have perfect pitch, which means I hear what I'm listening to very accurately. As my hearing loss progressed, I would hear less and less of what I should be hearing. Eargos have returned that spectrum of sound to me."
Eargo user MikeT from CA
"I haven’t told anyone that I’ve been wearing these and no one’s noticed. They’re practically invisible and they’re so easy to put in and take out. I take them out at night, put them in their little charger, charge them up, and they’re really good to go all day."
Eargo Plus Background
Eargo Founder Dr. Florent Michel
How it all started
My patients were frustrated with their hearing devices, so I set out to reinvent them.
- Dr. Florent Michel, ENT Surgeon & Eargo Inventor
Eargo Plus, How It All Started
One day, I was tying flies while flyfishing, and inspiration struck. It occurred to me that a hearing aid could be modeled after the shape of a fishing fly. I thought if you could shrink the electronics and suspend them in the middle of the ear using soft medical grade silicone fibers, you'd have a device that could solve many of the problems with hearing aids today. It would be comfortable and breathable, allowing air to circulate in and out of the ear canal. Since it wouldn't plug the ear canal, some natural bass sounds could pass through. Best of all, it would be small enough to be nearly invisible.
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Eargo Plus Background
How it works. Simple.
Eargo Reps Are Ready to help you with your order
Easy To Try, Easy to Buy
Try an Eargo sample for fit, then order online or by phone. Either way, your order will be shipped out fast and free.
Eargo is easily inserted into ear
Easy To Use
Eargo is ready to use right out of the box. With a simple tap you can adjust the preset settings on your devices.
Adjust Eargo settings by Tapping ear
Ongoing Support & Care
Our team of licensed hearing professionals and hearing helpers are here to help guide you through your first weeks with Eargo and are there for you when you need it.
Eargo Risk Free for 45 days
Satisfaction Guaranteed
We stand behind our product 100%. So, if you are not completely satisfied with your Eargos, simply return them for a refund.