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Frequently Asked Questions about Eargo Hearing Device

Below you'll find answers to questions related to using Eargo.
Frequently Asked Questions
Is Eargo the right hearing aid for me?
If you have mild to moderate hearing loss, from aging, noise exposure, or sensory/nerve loss, we're going to answer with a resounding, "Probably!" (We don't hard sell here at Eargo.) But we do appreciate and applaud your interest in our revolutionary hearing devices. Eargos truly are reinventing how people think about hearing aids, thanks to the fact that they're...
  • Invisible

    Okay, not invisible in the sense that you can see completely through them, although that would be a nifty engineering feat, but invisible in the way that nobody has to know you're wearing them at all. In fact, someone has to look really closely at your ear to spot the small pull-tab that helps you remove your Eargos, and if anyone does get that near to you, say a stranger at the supermarket, we recommend politely asking them to take a giant step back.

  • Easy to Use

    If you're looking for a challenge, we suggest the Sunday crossword. If you want an easy-to-use hearing aid, look no further than Eargos. From the moment you have them delivered straight to your door, to the highly-trained assistance you'll receive from our Personal Hearing Professionals, to enjoying conveniences like rechargeable batteries, you'll appreciate how we've considered every aspect of these advanced listening devices. And now, if you ever need a six-letter word for a "Cutting-edge, easy-to-use hearing aid" that answer's also a piece of cake.

  • Natural Sounding & Comfortable

    Our patented Flexi Fibers are the not-so-secret secret sauce behind our superior clarity and comfort. (Go ahead, tell your friends, we don't mind.) They cleverly suspend each Eargo device in the ear canal, letting air and sound flow naturally to your eardrum. That means you hear true lower bass tones while we focus on amplifying high frequency tones (that's important for mavens of the opera and the art of conversation.) And if you have mild to moderate hearing loss, we're sure you'll agree that our comfortable Flexi Fibers feel a whole lot better than having a chunk of plastic blocking your ear.

  • Affordable

    When we say Eargos are reinventing hearing aids, it's not just our patented technology we're talking about. Eargo devices cost 52% less than traditional hearing aids*, and that's a fact we're extremely proud of. When you figure in financing plans as low as $90/month**, we're able to help even more people hear life to the fullest.

    What's more, every Eargo system comes with two hearing devices (because it's socially-awkward to ask friends to speak into one particular ear), as well as a charging case that's as beautiful as it is convenient, replacement Flexi Fibers and one-on-one support and training from our team of licensed professionals. We could go on and on, but how about you learn more online at

    Have questions? We're listening. Contact our team of licensed hearing professionals today at 1-800-61-EARGO and request a non-working sample pack to see how comfortable Eargos are to wear.

What should I look for when choosing hearing aids?
Before you start looking into specific hearing aids, we recommend you check yourself out first. (And feel free to smile at the mirror and say, "Dang, I look good!”) Because your lifestyle will help decide what kind of a device is right for you. For instance, do you work up a sweat at the gym? Are you a world traveler? Or do you like to sit at home with the curtains drawn binge watching infomercials? We're not judging. All we're saying is each of those different personalities might require different features from a hearing aid.

Here are some steps to get you started*:

  1. Recognize your signs of hearing loss.
  2. Call to talk to one of our Personal Hearing Guides to see if Eargo Plus is right for you.
  3. If invisibility, comfort, and ease of use are important to you, then Eargo Plus is the right choice.

* These steps are not to be used for official hearing loss diagnosis.

Do I need a hearing test to buy Eargo?
Nope. No hearing test is required. Eargo devices are specifically designed for those with mild to moderate hearing loss, including hearing loss that has resulted from noise exposure (you remember, those late nights listening to Ozzy Osbourne). This type of hearing loss is very common and our hearing nerds have developed 4 Sound Profiles (built on 30 years of research from the National Acoustics Lab) that cover this range of high frequency hearing loss. So odds are, if you have mild to moderate hearing loss, Eargo will work for you.
What is the difference between a hearing aid and a PSAP (Personal Sound Amplification Device)?
The FDA defines a hearing aid as a sound-amplifying device intended to compensate for impaired hearing. Eargo is a Class I, FDA-regulated hearing aid intended for individuals with mild to moderate hearing loss. Eargo hearing aids are clinically tested medical devices. They were designed by an ENT doctor with more than 30 years' experience and rigorously tested by a team of audiologists and hearing professionals before being put into production. Currently, Eargo is being manufactured in an ISO13485 manufacturing facility and all products are inspected by the FDA to ensure they meet all regulatory standards before being delivered to clients.

Personal Sound Amplification Products, also referred to with the acronym PSAP or "Personal Sound Amplification Devices," are defined by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as a "wearable electronic product not intended to compensate for impaired hearing." They are not hearing aids, which the FDA describes as intended to compensate for impaired hearing. PSAPs are intended for individuals with normal hearing. PSAPs are not intended to make up for impaired hearing. PSAPs are not a medical device and are not regulated by the FDA. They are intended for consumers with normal hearing to amplify sounds in the environment for a number of reasons, such as for recreational activities.

Is Eargo an amplifier or a hearing aid?
Eargo is a hearing aid not just an amplifier. What's the difference? (we knew that would be your next question) Eargos are Class 1 medical devices that are regulated by the FDA. This means we've taken the necessary steps to make sure our devices meet certain standards, the same ones that all traditional hearing aid brands have to meet. Amplifiers, or Personal Sound Amplification Products (PSAPs), do not meet these criteria and are not subject to FDA regulations. PSAPs are meant to amplify environmental sounds for "non-hearing-impaired" other words, they make "everything" louder and louder is not necessarily better. We have a team of hearing nerds whose sole job is designing leading-edge hearing profiles and solutions, including background noise control, that amplify the parts you're having trouble with, so what you end up with is a more natural sounding experience.
Do Eargo devices help Tinnitus?
People with tinnitus report hearing sensations of sounds such as ringing, hissing, buzzing, clicking or roaring without any external stimulus. Noises associated with tinnitus can vary in pitch with some loud enough to affect someone's ability to focus. Moreover, the sounds may be present around the clock.

Some of those experiencing tinnitus have reported some symptom relief through tinnitus maskers, the use of sound machines (which produce "white noise") and, in some cases, hearing aids. Eargo was designed for individuals with mild to moderate, high-frequency hearing loss. We cannot offer assurance our hearing aid will provide relief from tinnitus.

How do hearing aids spark brain activity?
Hearing aids often jolt the brain to remember speech and sounds that cannot be heard without devices. If only the brain could flip a switch to help us regain our once-perfect hearing, right? But then we’d be out of a job.

The ears are the biggest pipeline of information to the brain (we can almost hear Alaska from our cerebrum). As we age, we can lose cells in the ear and the pipeline can close (or be cut off due to a lack of funding), starving the brain for information. Untreated hearing loss can lead to social isolation and early-onset dementia, and also affects the brain's ability to remember common, everyday sounds. The channels that are no longer effectively used further reduce the quality of life for those affected by hearing loss, not to mention the lives of those around them. Don't forget to cancel those extraneous channels from your cable package to save on next month's bill, too.

Eventually, the brain will forget those sounds over time and will no longer understand them. Audiologist Cindy Beyer, AuD, Senior VP, HearUSA, West Palm Beach, Fla. noted that "This condition is called auditory deprivation, and studies indicate that the longer a patient goes without treatment the more likely it is that the brain will forget how to process speech, even after treatment is implemented."[1]

Delaying treatment for hearing loss can risk permanently impairing the brain's ability to understand speech. Unsure whether this article is being directed toward your ears? Here are some signs and symptoms of hearing loss. Our team of hearing health professionals are available round the clock (well, almost, we like our beauty sleep) for any questions you may have. We're all ears at 1-800-61-EARGO!

Don't I need to see a hearing health professional when buying a hearing aid?
In short, no. But, we highly recommend you speak with one of our licensed Personal Hearing Professionals (PHPs) after you order Eargo. Each and every Eargo user is assigned their own Personal Hearing Professional (PHP) and their role is to answer any questions you have and to make sure you're set up for success early on with your new Eargo devices. The best part? You don't have to leave your home or drive across town for appointments...and they're free! Why? Because we believe they're too important to the Eargo experience and we want to make it easy and convenient for you. You can connect with your PHP in the comfort of your home – at a time of your choosing – over the phone, or through video chat if you prefer. Sounds easy right? That's the point.
Does Eargo work with hearing health professionals?
When you first start wearing any hearing device, the brain needs time to get reacquainted with audio frequencies that it hasn't heard in years. Successfully acclimating to those new sounds is truly the difference between hearing life to the fullest versus looking for the receipt to return the "danged things." So our team of licensed Personal Hearing Professionals are available to help you relearn how to hear again.

Even before you even place an order, we're there for you. If you have an audiogram, email your results to (or fax it to 1-888-516-6521) and we'll provide recommendations to improve your hearing health. Don't forget to include contact information, so we can easily get in touch with you.

Does Eargo work with insurance plans?
If your health insurance plan covers all or part of your hearing aid investment (we suggest you check your policy for coverage), one of our Personal Hearing Guides will be happy to help you with the paperwork. They know all about superbills, procedure codes and other details that confuse the rest of us. Go ahead, test their insurance plan knowledge. We dare you. Plus, they can help you with payment plans to minimize the out-of-pocket payments while you wait for payment from your insurance company. So grab that phone and call them today at 1-800-61-EARGO.
How can I order an Eargo hearing aid?
We suggest you start by wearing a comfy pair of PJs (yes, you can do all this at home) and visit us online at or call 1-800-61-EARGO. We can even start you off with a free pair of non-working samples, so you can experience the comfort of Eargos for yourself. And for those commitment-phobes out there, even after you buy an actual pair, you still get a 45-day money back guarantee to decide if you're completely satisfied. We're confident you will be.

2 Steps Closer to Better Hearing:

  1. After you place your order, we'll deliver your Eargos directly to your doorstep within days. We take all major credit cards and also offer financing with monthly payments as low as $90/month.
  2. Once you get them out of the box, reach out to your Personal Hearing Professional, at your convenience. They're your guru for everything Eargo, from acclimating to your new life with hearing aids to keeping your Flexi Fibers clean to using the portable charger for the first time--basically anything and everything you need to succeed with your Eargos.
How long will it take for Eargo to be delivered?
We can understand your wanting to receive your hearing devices ASAP, so you can choose between (1) standard shipping, or (2) accelerated shipping:
  • Shipping Choices:

    Standard shipping is free and only takes 3 to 5 business days from the time it leaves our warehouse.

    Accelerated shipping is an extra $25 per shipment in a speedy 1 to 2 business days from the time it leaves our warehouse.

How do I recharge my Eargo devices?
Our engineers didn't stop thinking once they perfected our Eargo devices; they also used their brilliant noggins to design a user-friendly (and quite attractive we might add) portable charger. Simply store your devices in the charging cradle (we recommend overnight) and voila! Six hours later your Eargo has a full day's worth of power. The portable charger holds a charge for about a week itself when fully charged, convenient for folks on-the-go, you know who you are. And the best part is, you won't need to keep buying, replacing and cursing the tiny batteries that come with most other hearing aids.

More questions about charging:

  • Will the hearing aids charge faster if I plug in my charger?

    No, the hearing aid charge time will be the same whether the charger is plugged in or not.

  • Will my hearing aid or charger batteries last longer if I plug in my charger?

    No, there is no difference in hearing aid or charger battery life if you charge with a plugged in charger or use the charger’s own built in battery.

  • Should I fully discharge my hearing aid batteries before charging them?

    No, there is no need to drain the batteries before charging them. Your hearing aid battery life will not shorten if you repeatedly recharge them after being only partially discharged.

  • Will my charger battery last longer if I keep it plugged in all the time?

    No, there is no difference in the battery life whether you keep it plugged in or plug it in periodically to recharge it.

  • Should I wait until my charger light goes red to recharge it?

    No, you can recharge the charger at any time and not worry that you are damaging the battery or shortening its life.

What is Eargo's warranty?
  • 12-month Manufacturer Warranty

    Your Eargos come with a full 12-month manufacturer warranty that covers manufacturing defects. And as our lawyers put it so eloquently, the warranty will not be valid if an Eargo device has been modified or damaged by the user, if the serial number has been altered, or if repairs have been made without the consent and knowledge of Eargo. If your Eargo stops functioning correctly, simply call us at 1-800-61-EARGO.

  • Loss & Damage Warranty

    Eargos also come with a Loss & Damage Warranty. If you lose one or both of your devices, or if they're damaged beyond repair (AKA used as a snack by your dog...and this is not a "homework" excuse, dogs are actually attracted to the smell of ears), just give us a call and we'll send a new replacement at a reduced cost. The Loss & Damage portion of your warranty can be used only once per device, but the repair warranty is still active even if you replaced a device with the Loss & Damage Warranty.

  • Out of Warranty

    If the warranty period for your Eargo has come and gone, you still have options. Eargo will inspect your hearing devices - and repair them if possible - for $399 per unit. If your device is beyond repair, Eargo will also replace it with a refurbished model for $399 per unit. If your device charger isn’t working properly, Eargo will also replace it for - you guessed it - $399. The best part? Eargo will then give you a brand new one year warranty from the date of repair/replacement for either the charger or the hearing device.

What is Eargo's return policy?

At Eargo, we engineered out all the hassles. If for whatever reason you aren't 100% happy with your Eargo devices, you can return them to us within 45 days after delivery. It's very simple and there are no hassles. Prior to returning your devices, please contact Client Care at or simply give us a call at 1-800-61-EARGO and one of our Eargo specialists will help walk you through returning your device and begin the process of generating a return authorization and a pre-paid return label.

Refunds are processed within 10 business days upon receipt, provided that they are still in good condition.