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Why Work at Eargo | So Much Technology in Such a Tiny Hearing Device

began as a
fish story.
fly fishing tools background
One day, I was tying flies while fly fishing and an inspiration struck. It occurred to me that a hearing device could be modeled after the shape of a fishing fly. I thought if we could shrink the device down and suspend its electronics using soft medical grade silicone fibers mimicking the fibers on a fishing fly, we'd have a device that could solve many of the problems my patients had been experiencing using conventional hearing devices. So I worked with a team of industry and operational experts to create a world class consumer-driven medical device company, with an industry changing experience and device. Today, we call this device Eargo (a Class 1 medical device) – and the fibers inspired by the fishing fly are now a patented new technology we call Flexi Fibers.

As a doctor, my top priority has always been the health of my patients. So Eargo was designed first and foremost to be breathable, comfortable and healthy for the ear canal. That's why I designed the Flexi Fibers to be open enough to allow air to flow naturally through the ear canal, while being strong enough to hold the device firmly in place. And because the Flexi Fibers don’t block the ear canal, some pure, natural bass sounds are able to pass right through. Which is why the sound quality is exceptional.

But best of all, the Eargo device is small enough to fit entirely in the ear, making it practically invisible. And it’s so comfortable, many people tell me they forget they’re even wearing them.

My patients also told me they often had trouble fiddling with those tiny hearing aid switches, so we made Eargo with a clever acoustic switch. All you need to do is pop them in and double tap each ear until you find the setting that’s right for you.

And my patients told me they hated changing those tiny batteries all the time, so we made Eargo rechargeable. A single nighttime charge will last you an entire day.

If you suffer from hearing loss, or even if you just have trouble hearing in noisy places like restaurants, I hope you will try these exciting new FDA-registered hearing devices for yourself. They arrive ready to use right out of the box, after a quick charge. Consider it your opportunity to hear life to the fullest again — the way nature intended.
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So much technology - such a tiny package.
designed by an ENT surgeon
You never know when inspiration will strike. After 30 years of experience and thousands of patients, it was an a-ha moment while fly-fishing that set this whole thing in motion.
replaceable flexi fibers
Patented Flexi Fibers are a breakthrough in design, allowing the Eargo device to be comfortable and virtually invisible.
nearly invisible
Eargo devices fit discreetly inside the ear canal so it's likely no one will know you're wearing them. Heck they're so comfortable, you might forget you're wearing them, too.
You know how it's nice to let a little fresh air into an otherwise stuffy room? Well, Flexi Fibers allow air to flow in and out of the ear, making Eargo incredibly comfortable.
natural sounding
Flexi Fibers don't block the ear canal, so some natural bass sounds pass right on through, for a quality of sound that might be close enough to nature to make nature a little nervous.
No changing batteries. Which means less hassle - no offense to hassle, but the less of it we have around, the better - and savings of around $200 per year in tiny, infuriating disposable batteries.
Background noise reduction
Eargo devices feature layered noise reduction technology to give you a natural, cleanly amplified sound and an extended frequency range up to 7750 Hz (extend that frequency range until it Hz! Sorry, couldn't resist).
easy to use
Work out of the box. Rechargeable. No tiny batteries. No tiny switches. All of which inspired. Us to write. These short, pithy sentences. We're as excited. As you are.
Your ears are in good company.
And by "company" we mean our hearing helpers and our vast network of licensed hearing professionals. Who are not only charming and exceptionally quick-witted, but are also ready to discuss your individual hearing loss, review your audiogram and advise you on how an Eargo device will fit your exact needs. Everyone's hearing loss is different, which is why our support doesn’t subscribe to a one-size-fits-all solution. We know you're much too unique for that.
Eargo devices are as comfortable to own as they are to wear.

And with flexible payment plans as low as $176/month and a 45 day money back guarantee, you can't afford not to try Eargo for yourself. (We've always wondered what "you can't afford not to" was supposed to mean. Then we came up with Eargo, which, seriously, you can't afford not to get if you have mild to moderate hearing loss.)

Learn More
45 Day Money Back Guarantee
Learn More
45 Day Money Back Guarantee
Thousands less. You read that right. Don't let price decide how well you deal with hearing issues.
Eargo customers agree - hearing is believing.
Wearing Eargo is liberating
When I wear Eargo playing basketball or slamball, I love them! Wearing Eargo is huge for me because my old ones are big, clunky, and visible and they get knocked out. But with the advantage of Eargo, no one can really see them and they are really comfortable to wear.
Luke W. Long Beach, CA
People don't know that I'm wearing them!
With other hearing devices, I was always changing batteries and the hard thing is you don’t know when the batteries are going to run out. You have to have batteries with you everywhere - in the car, in your purse, at home, always. With Eargo, you put them in the charger overnight - they're ready to go. They work all day long.
Nancy M. Albuquerque, NM
Eargos are fantastic
The first time I went in to have my Eargos fitted, I was amazed how small they were. And when I got them in, it was amazing! I felt like I was a bionic man or like Superman. All of the sudden, I started hearing all these sounds that I never even noticed before. It definitely improved my hearing a lot.
Larry P. Manhattan Beach, CA